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Quick thinking turns a leak into Crew SC's jersey unveiling

Forget unveiling the jersey at Bluestone in three weeks. Crew SC got ahead of the leaks anyway.

The Crew SC front office is disciplined. There aren't leaks about player signings, rebranding, or really anything they don't want to disclose. They certainly didn't want the new jerseys to slip out before their big unveiling at the Bluestone on March 3rd. If it were all in house, there wouldn't have been a whisper of what the jerseys actually looked like, but it wasn't entirely up to them. With Adidas, the league, and marketing partners involved, they had to hope no one else messed up.

The primary jersey leaked with a half dozen other MLS jerseys on Someone decided to post stock before it was time and half of the surprise was ruined. A jersey website picked up the alternate black kit and within a weekend, the entire buildup to a big event could have been ruined.

The team was initially silent on the matter. Other teams ignore the leaks, and Crew SC could have used that playbook, but they took another route. They decided to grab the attention back to the team and rebuild excitement around the first new jersey of the Crew SC era. They leaked their own shots.

Michael Parkhurst in full kit, ready for a photo shoot.

An obviously proud Anthony Precourt holding up the glorious black jersey.

Federico Higuain, Tony Tchani, Ben Speas, and seemingly half the team tweeting out their shots of team photo day. It was fun and unexpected.

That jersey unveiling?

Oh... of course. Order now.

The internet gave the front office lemons. They made lemon glazed chicken with lemon bars for dessert with a negroni garnished with a lemon to wash it down.

It was fun and enjoyable to watch the team capture back some of that energy that might have dissipated with the leaks.