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Timber Joey's log won't be inside MAPFRE Stadium for MLS Cup

Crew SC say no to Timbers timber.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Prost America reported on Tuesday that the Portland Timbers were planning to transport a large log of Oregon hardwood to MLS Cup so that Timbers' mascot Timber Joey can cut off a slab with a chainsaw as they do during home games. Columbus Crew SC fans were not amused.

With the game being played in Columbus, fans and the team are trying to preserve every edge they have. The stadium is sold out and will solidly be behind the team. A roaring chainsaw after a theoretical Timbers' goal would go against the idea of home field advantage.

Worries were quickly put to rest as Crew SC Director of Stadium Operations and Merchandise Dan Lolli pointed out on Twitter that "chainsaws" and "Logs of any wooden variety" are against MAPFRE Stadium policy.

The full policies, including prohibition of chainsaws and logs, is available on the Crew SC's website.

No Deviation Allowed indeed.

UPDATE: Confirmed from Jamie Goldberg, Timbers beat writer from The Oregonian: