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How "Hello" by Adele Has Inspired the Columbus Crew SC Playoff

It's not the typical pump up song, but the Black & Gold are Adeling their way to the top.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It was just another day at Columbus Crew SC's practice at MAPFRE Stadium, but it would start something that would create a revolution of how the Black & Gold celebrate.

"It was kind of spontaneous," goalkeeper Steve Clark began. "It was a rainy, nasty day at the stadium and everyone's heard the song. So I just threw it on so loud and people in the locker room [slowly turns head]."

The song Clark is referring to is "Hello" by British singer Adele and it has caught on among the Crew SC players as a bit of an anthem.

"People just started singing it. I don't know, it just worked," he continued. "Then [Kei Kamara] put it on before the Montreal game, right before the game. It was like "Hello." So it's just kind of become - we have a lot of things going for us. We have a lot of traditions, we have a lot of fun together. We come together as a team at the right time and I think that's just a small little fun part of it. So we want to thank Adele for that."

If you've heard the song, or are familiar with Adele's music, it's not the most upbeat tune. As captain and defender Michael Parkhurst admitted, it is a little strange to hear blasting from a celebrating team's locker room.

"I hadn't even heard the song before and somebody put it on in the locker room before the training and Steve was singing it and a couple other guys started dancing to it," he said. "It was just a good time and it just caught on. We played it before the Montreal game and we played it after the last couple games. I don't know."

Over the course of the long MLS season, a team either has to grow close and bond with all the time spent together or fall apart trying. This Crew SC team appears to be a tight group and it's inside jokes like this that help keep things light during pressure situations like the MLS Cup Playoffs.

Of course there's always one bad banana in the bunch and apparently in this scenario it's head coach Gregg Berhlater.

The Black & Gold boss told his team they weren't allowed to play it before games any more. Now the players just put the song on even louder after the games.

Berhalter wanted to clear the air that he was kidding.

"I was kidding," he said. "I was kidding and they didn't find the humor in it. That was the funny part about it; they thought I was serious.

"What I would say is, I'm a big supporter of Adele. She's a great singer."

Despite the strange choice in song, Clark's selection seems to be working. Columbus is in the Eastern Conference Finals with a  two-goal lead as they prepare to take on the New York Red Bulls in leg two on Sunday.

The last two home performances, 3-1 and 2-0 wins, have seen the Black & Gold go from long shots to take home the Cup to trophy favorites. Adele has been along for each part of the ride.

So if Crew SC continue the momentum inspired by Adele's musical phone call to a former lover, will the players push for it to replace Toto's "Africa" that is played following matches at MAPFRE Stadium?

"To be honest with you, I don't know," Clark said. "If they'll let me talk them into, absolutely."

Better starting learning the "Hello" lyrics Crew SC fans.