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Kei Kamara appears to be Mohammed Saied's favorite target on and off the field

Crew SC's leading scorer took punishment in practice and on twitter.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Kei Kamara is integral to Crew SC's MLS Cup hopes, but it appeared he got dinged up this week. He isn't listed on the injury report and appears to be a full go, but judging from his twitter feed though he picked up a knock, big enough to have to go get it checked out at the hospital, before returning home.

Kamara trained all week, but he pointed the finger directly at Mohammed Saeid for causing the injury and the midfielder was unrepentant, joking Kei got what he deserved.

Friday, however, it appears that Kamara did suffer after effects (or was paying homage to one of the greatest of Dutch midfielders).

Saied remained unrepentant, poking fun at Kamara's new protective glasses. It's true, Kamara does bear a striking resemblance to Martin Lawrence in disguise.

Saied was cleared on the injury report and he looks to be fully healthy and ready to return after picking up leg injury four weeks ago in the regular season finale. It's just in time, I'm not sure Crew SC could take a chance holding Saied to scrimmages and picking up another possible injury. Columbus will need to be at full strength against the Supporters Shield winning New York Red Bulls and can't afford friendly fire (on the field).

Kamara? He certainly bears no grudge.