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Can Confirm: Pat Murphy has not seen Higuain at training this week

... because Pat Murphy has not been to Crew SC training this week

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

This tweet has inspired concern across the Columbus Crew SC fan base last night.

Higuain Signoff

Federico Higuian has left twitter, and possibly this world if we take this message literally.


Panic and speculation over an athlete's tweet is nothing new. Lebron James' famous "we click up sometimes" tweet with a picture of his friends back in Akron last fall took over ESPN for days.

But in this case? The panic is so unwarranted it doesn't even warrant a response. So here is my response:

  • Higuain signed a massive new contract. Strange move for a player who wants to leave.
  • Higuain is making north of one million dollars. In a city with a low cost of living that stretches even farther.
  • Higuain has never shown any sign of not wanting to play in Columbus.
  • Easton Towne Center is in Columbus.
  • There is a legit language barrier that should be taken into account in reading any tweets he sent.

Perhaps they portend a massive change, but you can also take these missives with a grain of salt. There are plenty of reasons an athlete will send out a cryptic message. Perhaps they are jumping off of twitter (like Pipa) or getting traded (like Jack McInerney). Perhaps they lean towards the philosophical like a certain Borges loving Argentine play maker. Perhaps they have an ever-growing family that they want to focus on. There are lots of reasons where the nuance is lost on the screen.

Editor's Note: Federico Higuain was seen at practice on by Pat Murphy. He was smiling and said hello before the team took off for New York.