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Daniel Paladini charged with multiple counts of domestic violence

Article contains details of Paladini's alleged and may be unsuitable for certain readers.

Daniel Paladini was charged with assault and domestic violence late last month according to court records and reported by the Dispatch's Adam Jardy today.

Court records describe a violent conflict over three days with Paladini allegedly punching and kicking his fiancée Sarah Alexander. The complaint also alleges that Paladini pushed Alexander down, dragged her by the hair, and poured bleach over her head. Alexander was left with burns, bruises and a black eye as a result.

Paladini originally suspended after being involved in a domestic dispute in October and MLS announced his suspension from the team and the league activities the following Monday, November 3rd. At the time he wasn't charged, but the league acted swiftly.

Paladini was recovering from a broken leg and wasn't currently training with Crew SC when he was suspended. After four appearances with the team, Crew SC declined his option. His rights were not taken in either round of the 2014 MLS Re-Entry Draft and he is currently without a team.

There is no word in how the charges affect Paladini's suspension. MLS was quick to act with a zero tolerance stance when news first broke. An email requesting comment from the league last week has not been returned.

Editor's Note:

In full disclosure, I had learned about Paladini's charges late last month, but failed to move forward with the speed that the incident merited. I regret not working on the story with the rigor it deserved. I could have done more. I didn't.