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Tuesday's Practice Pitch Updates

The Crew were back on the training ground on Tuesday but a dark cloud loomed over the practice.

Michael Dodge

As media members arrived to the Columbus Crew training, it was apparent something was wrong as an ambulance was on the premise and someone was taken from the training ground. When the practice opened, players and coaches had already left the field.

Conversation with Gregg Berhalter

  • Berhalter confirmed there was an "incident" with Daniel Paladini going into a tackle. He said it was a serious injury to Paladini but wasn't sure the nature at that point. Berhalter said the injury occurred in a drill and Paladini was taken to the hospital.
  • Berhalter said Paladini is one of them and it's not easy. He said you don't want to see injuries in the training ground and it effected the guys.
  • Berhalter said it wasn't a foul on either player, just a "strange challenge."
  • The head coach confirmed there were no moves made before yesterday's roster freeze and also said "yes" when asked if it will remain that way from now until the end of the season. Berhalter said they didn't find that person they were looking for.
  • Berhalter said the message to the team going forward is this is the group that has to get the job done. He said he's communicated that they would like to add someone but it isn't necessary because he likes his group. He said this may put guys at ease about their positions.
  • Berhalter said Adam Bedell is coming along well after his appendectomy just over a week ago.
  • Asked about Aaron Schoenfeld, Berhalter said he did fine in his starting duty. He said they still need to keep working with the forward on getting and converting chances. He said he was good.
  • In terms of the forward position, Berhalter said all three players (Bedell, Schoenfeld, and Jairo Arrieta) could be in contention to play.
  • Asked about the schedule, where the Crew play so many Eastern Conference games late, Berhalter said he thought it was on purpose to draw attention. He said it makes the games competitive and bring excitement to the league.