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Mix Diskerud Speaks On Transfer Saga

After many conflicting reports on what went wrong with the Diskerud transfer to the Crew, the player posted a message on a BigSoccer forum address what went on.

Kevin C. Cox

In a BigSoccer forum entitled "Mikkel Diskerud can choose US or Norway NT [R} includes NT results" that appears to discuss the 23-year old's future transfer movement, the player himself posted on August 7 in an effort to clarify what has gone on in this transfer saga.

As I know many Massive Report readers do not frequent the BigSoccer message boards, here is what Diskerud had to say.

Last week I got to talk to both Gregg Berhalter and Anthony Precourt.
I like them both. I think they like me. I do not think Columbus could ask for a more dedicated coach, or have a coach with more dedication in creating a playing style that will be recognizable and with a unique stamp of "Columbus Crew". I believe that Anthony Precourt patiently will see to that – because he is that type of guy, I think.

Grant Wahl has made some erroneous statements – making some people look very bad. He says his source is rumors. And that is of course one way to cover a lie, or to press people to give you information you are not entitled to by asking them for clarification – which a journalist of course in turn may use only parts and portions of. In my book – I would give Grant Wahl a straight red card – and with three weeks total suspension.
I have had a lawyer representing me and having had him as the one who has kept communication between Gregg, MLS, Rosenborg, and all others I have had obligations to in this matter. He has assured me that he has not at all done any of what Grant Wahl accuses my father of. My father has not been negotiating between Rosenborg and Columbus/MLS.

The lawyer has, of course, gone through what I am writing here, in this perticular post.
I am a Mix between US american and Norwegian. I was supposed to be raised equally in the two con tries. Plan was grade school in Norway and high school and college in the US. Because I developed so well at my football clubs in Norway, I pushed High school to college, and when my Stabæk coach begged me to go pro instead of enrolling in a US college – I made a coin flip where my parents were present. It landed on tails – and I signed for Stabæk.
Therefore, I have an urge to, at one point, to live, breathe and evolve as an american person in the united states. Some people say in social media that I would never go to Ohio. I ask them, why not? Isn't Ohio the most perfect example what the US really is all about. When the democratic part of the USA votes, isn't Ohio what exemplifies best what US values is? Why wouldn't Columbus have given me a faster and better understanding of what the USA past, present, right to left, is all about.

What I can tell everybody – is that the best day in my life I had in Ohio. The fans when we finally qualified for the World Cup were the best fans I have ever played for. I guess a lot of them were from Ohio. They lifted us immensely. You have no idea what that means and meant. The supporters of Columbus Crew might not be the biggest by shire numbers – but please go check what they write, and how they critique. Are they not the most cunning of all the MLS supporters - as we speak?

I do not know if I end up in Rosenborg, American football ;) , Europe, or in a really exotic place during the next 5-7 years.
But I do know that I am lucky and happy either way.
What i am most committed to right now is long term to be a part of Ussoccer in the years ahead and short term try to make Rosenborg advance tonight.


Grant Wahl was asked what he thought of Mix's comments via Twitter and defended his story that the Diskerud talks with the Columbus Crew broke down due to the player's father demanding more money last minute.


Crew head coach Gregg Berhalter, as well as editor Greg Lalas, all sided with Diskerud on the story with Berhalter saying he had nothing but positive conversations with Mix's father and his people.

The story keeps growing and it is unlikely we've heard the last of the man nicknamed Mix.