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Thursday's Practice Pitch Updates with Berhalter Audio

After a 2-2 draw in their international friendly, the Crew were back on the training ground to prepare for the Revolution on Saturday.

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By the time the media was permitted into the Columbus Crew's training session on Thursday, most of the team had already headed to the showers. Some of the younger players remained on the pitch passing the ball or juggling, including all three players who had made their way to Columbus from their loan spell with the Dayton Dutch Lions.

Conversation with Gregg Berhalter

  • Berhalter gave no updates on the transfer front, but said he remains confident in bringing in someone. He said it was safe to assume they are through with the scouting process and progressed to negotiations. He said there is a lot that goes into bringing in a player.
  • Berhalter wouldn't indicate how many players the team was looking, but said they were working on some things. He did say they have a short list of players.
  • Asked about having the first allocation spot after the Houston Dynamo signed DaMarcus Beasley on Wednesday, Berhalter said there are a number of possibilities for them. He said it could put them in a good position with the number of players possibly coming to MLS.
  • Jozy Altidore was brought up and Berhalter called it interesting. He said he didn't know if Altidore would be a realistic target.
  • It was revealed that Bernardo Anor's nickname, "Bernie," came from assistant coach Josh Wolff.
  • Berhalter said Anor has great endurance, good quickness, he's strong, he's technically good, he's smart in his movement, he's can strike a ball, he's good on crosses, he's good in the air. Said there is a whole list of things in regards to Anor.
  • Berhalter was asked about the New England Revolution's stretch of seven losses consecutively and said he doesn't want to look into it because the two teams have the same amount of points. He said their slide won't alter the preparations because the Revolution are looking for a win. "Every game you can win and every game you can lose. It's about performing on that day."
  • Asked about Anor's shots from distance on Saturday, Berhalter said shooting from distance is beneficial. He said Anor is the main guy but Federico Higuain can shoot from range too and he would encourage any player to take the chance in that position.
  • Berhalter said Fifi Baiden had surgery yesterday and all went well.
  • Berhalter admitted it is more difficult to prepare for New England because they have begun to make changes. He said it makes if difficult to identify how they will lineup. He said they've watched a lot of the games and have a feel for many of the Revolution players.
  • Berhalter said he's seen New England play several times. He called them an interesting team and unpredictable. He said there were a lot of factors in the game including playing on turf where he believes the Crew plays well.
  • Berhalter said he thought the team was turning the corner from a health perspective. He said Hector Jimenez is out three weeks more maximum and Jairo Arrieta is right around the corner and could play a part in the Chicago Fire game. He said Josh Williams is touch and go because he is on blood thinner and can't have physical contact for 12 weeks.
  • Berhalter said he wasn't sure how long the Dayton players would be around. They would look at their schedule and see when they should go back. He did say it was good to see them perform in person.

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