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Anthony Precourt's letter to Crew fans another sign of a new era

Precourt promises to build a winner and needs the fans on board.

Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor

The differences in management styles between Hunt Sports Group and Precourt Sports Ventures have been stark. The Hunts valued frugality, perhaps to a fault, and long term loyalty was prized. In nearly a year of running the Crew, Anthony Precourt has made numerous changes. From a new coach/sporting director to an audio-visual overhaul to Crew Stadium, Precourt has forged a new path.

The latest sign of change was when Precourt marked Saturday's win with a letter to season ticket holders. The 2014 season certainly hasn't been a smooth one on the field. The Crew hover around the last playoff spot and still struggle to score goals. While Gregg Berhalter's job is safe, Precourt has heard the fan complaints and know they are suffering. HSG may have left the issue of fan discontent to local leadership, but Precourt chose to reach out directly to the core of the Crew fan base the season ticket holders with a letter.

The message may not mollify every critic, but it is clear that Precourt pays attention. He has a plan and he will stay the course, but the people that fill the stadium are very important to him and the organization. The there have been plenty of changes on and off the field that try to convey that message, but Precourt wanted to make sure everyone heard it loud and clear. He is about building a winner and the fans are a key part of that.

Full text of letter:

Last night's sellout match, our second of the season, was a fantastic environment and I'd like to personally thank you for showing such tremendous support for our club. It means a lot to our players to have such a strong backing from our hometown fans, particularly our loyal season ticket members, and I felt really proud to be a part of last night's crowd.

It was nice to deliver a much-needed win for our fans, and I can promise you that we are working very hard to create a product that you feel proud to support. I know we all are hoping to see some results on the field, and this is a top priority for our club as we continue our process of building a roster that translates into wins.

I'm very optimistic about where this club is heading. We have a strong plan and the right people to execute it. We anticipated some growing pains along the way, but we are building the right culture within the organization and I'm confident that the results of those efforts will come to fruition.

Last night was a shining example of how our fans contribute to creating a memorable soccer experience in Columbus, and we truly appreciate your continued support and passion for this club.


Anthony Precourt

Investor-Operator, Chairman

Columbus Crew