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Massive City FFC fires first shot in newest soccer war

Just like Han did.

The genius behind Massive City FFC, Justin Bell, fired the first shot in the now burning Columbus and Atlanta rivalry. The new MLS franchise won't play for another three years, but that didn't stop Justin from welcoming the league's 22nd team in typical Massive City style. Bell, provocateur extraordinaire, created a delightfully witty welcoming message over top a famous portrait of U.S. Civil War general and Lancaster, Ohio native William Tecumseh Sherman.

Civil war wounds can be slow to heal and some have taken exception to making light of a wartime disaster, but many comments on twitter have taken it as pointed humor on what turned out to be a banner day for Atlanta. No team nickname was announced, but it will be interesting if they mine Atlanta sports history and take a page from the city's first hockey team, the Atlanta Flames.