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Columbus Crew debut new home kit with successful event

The Crew's new home jersey was debuted on Tuesday, allowing fans a chance to interact with players and coaches.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday night, the Columbus Crew unveiled their new home jersey as part of MLS' Jersey Week.

"It's soft and lightweight," defender Michael Parkhurst said of the new kit. "That's all we're looking for and it's yellow so that's important too."

The jersey doesn't differ too far from the banana kits of recent past. It is a mostly yellow jersey with black trim and features a fading diamond checkered pattern inspired by the flags waved by the Crew faithful.

The goalkeeper's jerseys debuted gave a new look to the Black and Gold's netminders. The jersey is mostly blue with a pinkish trim, fitting Matt Lampson's tastes.

"I love them," the third-year pro exclaimed. "I think they look fantastic. Very ‘80's, retro South Beach. That's very fitting to my personality. What can I say?"

They say when you look good, you perform well and the Crew will be hoping that is the case this year.

The event was held at a local bar and restaurant and provided the season ticket holders in attendance the chance to see the new jersey and interact with the players and coaches.

It was the first time Columbus was a part of Jersey Week, which is in its second year of existence and leads up to MLS' first kick. The turnout was impressive, as fans are certainly excited for the new era of Crew soccer in 2014.

"Just being at this event here, I mean there's definitely a buzz about the fans, about the team, about the organization as a whole," homegrown midfielder Wil Trapp said.

"It's awesome. It's amazing and the buzz and the atmosphere that's being created with the new era I guess in the organization has been wonderful."

With a new coaching staff in place and many new players, supporters are hopeful the team ends the two year hiatus from the MLS Playoffs. It was evident as loyal followers showed up early decked out in their black and gold gear and packed the venue for more than the three hour window.

The opportunity to talk to their favorite players or meet the new ones does not happen often in sports. MLS provides more of a chance due to its relatively small stature, but occasions don't occur frequently.

New head coach Gregg Berhalter thinks it's positive to have these events and interact with those who back the team.

"I think it's great," he said. "This is my first interaction with the fans and it's nice to walk around and talk to people and shake their hand, take pictures with them, get to speak with them a little bit. I look forward to things like this. I think it brings everyone together a little bit more."

But what about the jersey coach? After all, that's why everyone is here.

"I like it. Like they said about the functionality of it, how it's a lot lighter. I think it looks nice also. It's a clean look to it and it will look nice on field."

Berhalter admitted that he was a jersey collector growing up and has always been interested in what his team wears, but he will not ask for his own kit.

"No," he said. "I'm done wearing jerseys."