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Expansion Draft rules released by the league; one homegrown player isn't excluded

The Crew must decide on who to protect in the coming weeks, including one homegrown player.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

MLS released the rules for the upcoming Expansion Draft today and they are the same as the rules for the 2012 edition, including the homegrown player wrinkle, but they did add compensation if a player is selected.

In short, the Crew submits a protected list of 11 players. If New York or Orlando select a Crew player, Berhalter and company can protect an additional player. If one of the expansion teams select another player, then Columbus is finished with the draft. They can lose only two.

Now for the wrinkles - Designated Players are not automatically protected. DPs must be protected if they have a no-trade clause, but otherwise they are like any other player.

The Crew's three out of contract players, Bernardo Anor, Justin Meram, and Eric Gehrig are eligible to be selected in the draft.

The last wrinkle is that not all Homegrown or Generation Adidas player is protected. Only player not on the Senior Roster are automatically protected. Of the four Crew Homegrown players, Massive Report has learned only Ben Speas is on the Senior Roster and isn't automatically protected. The Crew have no Generation Adidas players on the roster.

Senior and Supplemental roster decisions are left to the team as long as they fit in the league's roster rules and apparently Speas was elevated to the Senior Roster by the team. Wil Trapp, Matt Lampson, and Chad Barson remain on the Supplemental Roster.

The Crew have lost extensively during the past expansion drafts and haven't gotten anything in return. This year MLS will award $50,000 in allocation money for any player lost in the Expansion Draft. The Expansion Draft is scheduled for Wednesday, December 10th. Orlando and New York have 10 picks each in the draft.