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Crew options likely slim by 15th pick in Chivas USA dispersal draft

There are few sure bets, but plenty of intriguing options as the Chivas USA roster is taken apart.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Chivas USA dispersal draft is later today and the Crew pick 15th. Cubo Torres won't be involved in the draft, but there is still some talent on the former Goats roster. Massive Report took part in SBNation's mock draft dispersal draft and we passed - much like I expect the Crew to do - there just weren't options that fit what the Crew need that far down the draft list. The requirement to pick up the 2015 option on players certainly puts some players out of the team's price range.

With a keen eye on needs and not wanting to break the salary budget, I rated several of the top options for the team. Unfortunately they'll likely be gone by the 15th pick.


Marky Delgado - 19 and inexpensive, Delgado has a troubling injury history but the combination of potential and low cost make him an extremely attractive option.

Andrew Jean-Baptiste - At under $100,000 guaranteed in 2014 and still only 22, Jean-Baptiste has 34 starts in his young career and plenty of potential to be an impact starter in MLS.

Thomas McNamara - Tore his ACL early in his rookie year, but was impressive in limited time. His salary is certainly affordable and the Crew midfield would give him time to get up to speed.


Dan Kennedy - The Crew have three goalkeepers including Steve Clark. There is no need for the veteran and his $200,000 guaranteed salary.

Nigel Rio Coker - The Englishman comes in at over $400,000 guaranteed salary for 2013 and his option would need to be picked up for 2015. That's far too expensive for a fairly deep Crew midfield.


Nathan Sturgis - Veteran who can play several positions. With $120,000 in guaranteed compensation for 2014, he is getting to the salary range of a rotational starter more than the backup that he'd likely be in Columbus.

Donny Toia - A cheap option for outside back depth. The Crew were thin at both left and right back at times in 2014.

Bobby Burling - Much like Sturgis, Burling would be valued depth, but comes at a rotational starter's pricetag.

Kris Tyrpak and Caleb Calvert - Both forwards are young and inexpensive, but the Crew already have players like that in Bedell and Schoenfeld. The team might be looking for a more impact player.