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#NewCrew — The Crew's second chance to make a first impression

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The big logo reveal is another small step as the Crew reposition themselves in a crowded market.

Two symbols of the old guard.
Two symbols of the old guard.
John Grieshop

The end is near for the three hard hatted men on the Crew's logo. Less than 24 hours remain until the veil is lifted on #NewCrew. After weeks of billboards, street drawings, and popup ads splashed all over town, the long awaited branding event takes place at LC Pavilion tonight.

The team is certainly trying to lend gravity to the event. Brian Dunseth is being brought in to emcee for the night. Brooklyn based band New Politics headlines the entertainment with Columbus mayor Michael Coleman and MLS commissioner Don Garber as the guests of honor. The whole team will be on hand for the reveal.

Investor Operator Anthony Precourt has touted the team's ties to Columbus and there will be plenty of local flavor for the evening as the Crew are bringing in hometown favorites Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, Schmidt's Sausage Haus, and Cheryl's Cookies to provide treats for the night.

It can be hard to properly assess the power of a good brand and the Crew are making the right choice in trying to reposition the team in the market. Plenty of people have worked hard to build the logo to be revealed tonight and soon enough it will become a touchstone for soccer in Ohio a representation of what Precourt wants to build.

I can't say I'm wistful at the change, the behatted logo charms are mostly nostalgic in nature. I've lived with the existing logo since it was unveiled before the 1996 season and there are certain times in the past I didn't see the value in replacing it. Now - I don't feel especially sad that it's disappearing. It's time.

The new logo is a small part of the New Crew mantra that graces the lips (and twitter feeds, and instagram accounts) of the Crew. Precourt wants to make his mark. He's brought in his team with head coach Gregg Berhalter talks about the project that he's undertaking on the field. Andy Loughnane is expected energize the business prospects of the team.

The new badge will show up on the jerseys, but will be plastered all over town. After tepid attendance and sponsorship investment in the past, the team is trying hard to make a new first impression. The reintroduction to Crew soccer continues tonight.