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Thierry Henry Gives Credit to Columbus Crew, Wil Trapp for Victory

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After Sunday's 3-1 loss at the hands of the Crew, Henry spoke to the media about what went wrong for the Red Bulls.

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Ethan Finlay, with his one goal and two assists, and Aaron Schoenfeld, scorer of two goals, may have stole the national headlines after the Columbus Crew's 3-1 dismantling of the New York Red Bulls on Sunday afternoon - both named to the MLS Players of the Week list - but one Red Bulls' star was impressed with another member of the Crew.

"Today, Wil Trapp owned the show," Henry said after the game.

The Frenchman went on to explain what he saw from the 21-year old American midfielder in the match.

"Wil Trapp was outstanding today. I know Higuain usually gets all the [credit]. Their striker will get [some] I'm sure because he scored two goals and Finlay wasn't bad either but Wil Trapp is the key of that team and today, given the tempo of that team, bringing the ball out of the back, Higuain doesn't have to drop and get the ball. He will get it in good positions because Wil Trapp does his job. He brings the ball out for them and it's difficult to stop."

A clearly disappointed Henry explained the success of Trapp in Sunday's game to the gathered media, but was otherwise lost for a good explanation of what occurred in the game. The forward repeated "they were better than us" no less than eight times - "I know I'm repeating myself," he began to say after about the fifth time - giving Columbus credit for controlling the match.

"You have to give them credit for the way they were bringing the ball out from the back and passing it around," he said. "We couldn't do anything. [They] put great pressure on us. Sometime you have to give the team credit and they were better than us by a distance.

"We tried to figure out some stuff but we couldn't."

Henry also gave credit to the Black and Gold's style of play - a credit to head coach Gregg Berhalter - which, after a series of good performances, culminated in this match.

"I don't recall a lot of team, since I've been here in this league, coming out the way they come out from the back every single time," he explained. "Even under pressure, even when they lose it, because they lost a couple at the beginning of the game, I don't know if you remember. They didn't change their way. They carried on trying to pass the ball from the back, from the goalkeeper, very composed too. Every time trying to find Wil Trapp and he was trying to pass the ball to his midfielders. He did it. We couldn't find a solution and that's why we lost the way we lost."

Henry did give some solace to the reporters and many New York fans for the future.

"He has, hopefully for him, a good future. He's American, you guys should be happy, but today I thought he was the difference."