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PODCAST — This is how we do it

The Crew went into New York already with the comfort of knowing that they are in the playoffs. They proceeded to completely outplay a home team that has won SEVEN IN A ROW.

- We break down what took place in Harrison, NJ on Sunday

- Jurgen Klinsmann said some stuff and Don Garber took offense to what was said and decided to fire back. We take a look at those two and what was said

- Greg Benson had a FANTASTIC weekend, and he has the cards to prove it. He hands them out while kicking off segment 3

- Finally, we look at the last game of the regular season against Philadelphia. The Crew is back home after 3 weeks on the road and after securing a playoff spot while being away. What will happen against Philly? Will New York go into Kansas City and come out with a win? Can the Crew end up avoiding the whole play-in game situation and end up in 3rd? We explore all those possibilities in segment four.