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The Players Have to Wear the Badge, So What Do They Think of Crew SC?

It's time to hear what the Crew players think of their new brand.

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

You've heard the explanation of the new Columbus Crew SC name and badge. You've heard from some of those behind the design and how it came to be. You've seen the reaction of some Crew fans. But what do the players, those who will be sporting the new look, think of everything going on with organization?

"Love it," was midfielders Wil Trapp's response when asked what he thought of the new design.

"We saw it yesterday and everything about it, it culminates the Crew, it culminates what we're all about. I think with a new owner, a new team, new coach, it's freshness and the new energy we needed."

"I'm a big fan of it," winger Hector Jimenez reiterated Trapp's affection for the logo.

"Everything that's on the logo, I love how it means something and it's still got a little bit of the old logo in there and all that stuff. I'm a big fan of the new one and hopefully we can get a little second star above it."

The players were invited on stage early during Wednesday's reveal event and the excitement on their faces to take off their zipped up jackets and show off their new attire was very evident.

"I thought it was fantastic," club captain Michael Parkhurst said. "I thought it was a super event. It was really well thought out, well planned.

"It was a really fun thing to be a part of. To think that, when you look at this brand, this logo, it could be here in 200 years from now and to think that we were here on the first night and we'll be the first team to sport the logo, to wear the jersey next year, it's exciting."

Parkhurst, who was with the New England Revolution from 2005-2008, believes it speaks to the growth of the league that the Crew could host an event at a major concert venue and pack the place.

"This rebrand party wouldn't have gotten what it's gotten tonight 10 years ago," he said. "It's really exciting. The sports taken off and we except that this will even further [distinguish] ourselves here in Columbus."

The fans had to wait until Wednesday night to see the new badge, but the players certainly saw it early right? Not really apparently.

"We were kept out of most of it," Parkhurst said. "I'm not sure if they asked other players last year before I even came in, I was never really asked about it, so I don't know.

"We first saw it yesterday. They really kept it under wraps. I think with the way social media is today, I don't think they trusted us."

Two of the main goals of the "New Crew" were to make an impact with the millennia age group and to be authentically Columbus. The 21-year old, Columbus born Trapp believes they were successful.

"I think young, energetic. I think that's what Columbus is all about now. I think this is the perfect symbol for it," he said.

So how strange will it be for the players, who worse the new gear on Wednesday, to go out and sport the "old Crew" Saturday as they continue their fight for the playoffs?

"We wish we could be wearing the new one," Trapp said. "We put together this fantastic event and everyone's hoping we could wear it but we still have got to cling to our roots a little bit until the end of the season."

"We're going to have to put that on hold until next season but all the guys are excited to be wearing the new logo next year," Jimenez said.

Parkhurst made a good point. Just because they won't be wearing the badge doesn't mean they won't represent the New Crew.

"I think that the new brand has been launched," he said. "Even though we won't be wearing it on the jersey, I think that how we represent ourselves on and off the field will have an impact on Columbus Crew SC. How we do the rest of the year will have an impact on it so we're still playing for Columbus Crew SC even though we won't be wearing it this year."