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Preview: Columbus Crew at Montreal Impact

A seven game road losing streak is a club record and has really killed the team's playoff hopes. Today is another one against a leading Eastern Conference team as the Crew take on the Impact.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The Lineup: It could be just about anyone. Andy Gruenebaum, Josh Williams, and Eric Gehrig are out. Federico Higuain, Danny O'Rourke, Dominic Oduro, and Chad Marshall are questionable on the injury list.

Lampson; Barson, Wahl, Marshall, Viana; Finlay, Trapp, Anor, Meram, Finley, Higuain

Crew on Offense: The Crew has played more direct under Bliss, but it hasn't been long ball. The team has looked to play more vertical with quick looks to the wings. The biggest change is around the penalty box with players charged with getting to goal and shooting.

Higuain may be ready to play and he'll fit right in with the higher tempo style of play. He has appeared most at home when play is seeming frenetic. He's able to keep track of everything going on around him and pick out attackers. Before, he's been more isolated when attacking as the offense takes time to set. Higuain certainly can set up plenty of chances if there is better off the ball movement.

Crew on Defense: It's all hands on deck with so many players injured. Montreal's movement causes problems with unschooled pairings and the Crew defense won't have had many practices together as a unit. The Impact, and especially Marco Di Vaio, can create just enough space to get off a higher percentage scoring chance.

The midfield will also have to keep an eye on the opposing midfield. Felipe Martins, Justin Mapp, and Patrice Bernier all have seven assists on the year as they are doing well to set up Di Vaio and themselves. They are adept at pushing through punishing through balls and incisive crosses. Wil Trapp and Bernardo Anor will have to be especially attentive with the Impact able to create through the middle.

Final Walkthrough: Di Vaio will punish the back line and will get his chance to finish and the Crew's road losing streak will continue.

Crew 1 - Montreal 2