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Remembering Kirk Urso A Year After His Death

Kirk Urso packed a lot of living into 22 years.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Kirk Urso passed away a year ago from a congenital heart defect. The rookie midfielder had only played for a brief time in Columbus but he made an outsized impact. He was an opening day starter, playing in six games before suffering an injury that forced him out of the lineup.

While he certainly made his mark on the field, he had a bigger effect off the field. His infectious, positive attitude affected anyone who he came into contact with. Teammates, fans, and coaches have been effusive in remembering the Kirk.

The Columbus Crew created the Kirk Urso Memorial Fund to support youth heart health research in his honor. The team and staff further honored Kirk with a memorial award, The Kirk Urso Heart Award to recognize the player that "embodies Urso's selflessness and tireless work ethic".

Not forgotten, former teammates, fans, and media personalities remembered Urso on the anniversary of his passing.

Steve Sirk chose the occasion to unveil his second book, "Kirk Urso: Forever Massive". Sirk has talked to players, staff, and coaches about the impact he made in such a short time.

The most touching tribute was the most personal. Kirk's mother, Sandy sent this message to Kirk yesterday.

Kirk Urso - Forever Massive