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Preview: Columbus Crew v. Toronto FC

The Crew are on a roll, they've won one in a row. Can they make it two?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

An outstanding performance against a depleted Red Bulls team last week. Toronto is anything but depleted with Robert Earnshaw healthy and striker Maximiliano Urruti finally in the fold.

The Lineup: Robert Warzycha may make a tweak with Danny O'Rourke health, but the formation will likely stick.

Lampson; Barson, Williams, Marshall, O'Rourke; Oduro, Trapp, Anor, Meram Higuain, Arrieta

Crew on Offense: Warzycha wanted Higuain playing centrally, but he still drifted. More importantly, he didn't drop deep into the midfield. This allowed him to spearhead and counters. Toronto's defense is still a work in progress and being able to attack at speed will give the Crew plenty of chances.

A couple questions remain. Dominic Oduro has settled into the right midfield spot, but he's still struggling to develop timing. His speed should lend itself to running at defenders, but he's been more ineffective on the right with more space to work with. He will have to become more comfortable with playing into space and cutting in.

Jairo Arrieta has struggled mightily this season no matter where he lines up. He's not been as accurate with his shooting and he hasn't been as effective holding up the ball. There may be hope of a resurgence with Higuain playing higher and able to link up more often with Arrieta.

Crew on Defense: Toronto has loaded up in the transfer window. Winger Alvaro Rey joins Urruti. Earnshaw is healthy. This is a team that is approaching dangerous on offense.

The Crew can rely on solid play from the central midfield to control play, but the Reds have the ability to spread the ball wide. That means the Crew's outsides backs will have to be diligent in keeping up with Rey and Bobby Convey.

Final Walkthrough: This Crew team has glimmers of confidence and Toronto is still a subpar team. If Higuain can stay forward, Columbus should be able to find the holes in the Toronto defense.

Crew 2 - Toronto FC 1