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Massive Report Remembers John Katzeman

The Crew family lost one of the best ones this week.

Monday, the Massive Report staff lost a member of the family. John Katzeman passed away after battling cancer. John was the father of former Massive Report staff writer Aaron Katzeman.

I met John nearly two years ago when when Aaron was just about to come on staff. I had looked around people covering Crew soccer and found Aaron's Be Massive Soccer Blog. After asking Aaron to join I got the a response that we had to have a meeting first. John wanted to know the people that his son would be working with, to see if Massive Report was the right fit. Luckily we passed the test.

Aaron is excellent writer and student of the game, but far more a just exemplary human being. It was easy to tell where he got that from. John was the epitome of class and decency every time I met him whether it was outside the Nordecke ready to cheer on his adoptive team or beaming with pride after his son's senior presentation.

He lived by example and I'm pleased to have known him. True class in every sense of the word. The entire Massive Report team sends our thoughts and prayers to the entire Katzeman family.