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Higuain Called For Questioning In Passport Investigation

The Crew's attacking maestro is now mixed up in an Argentine passport scandal.


La Nacion reported that Federico Higuain and 32 others have been summoned for questioning in a long running fake passport scheme run by Argentine company. The scheme helped Argentines move to Italy under law that allows for applying for Italian citizenship if the applicant has recent heritage.

The investigation dates back to 2008 when the Argentine government investigated italian national María Elena Tedaldi off of a tip from the Italian government. Tedaldi owned Ciudadanía Express (Citizenship Express) in Argentina. The company would expedite passport claims for Argentines with Italian decent. Their services also extended into the illegal as they would also fabricate Italian heritage to secure a passport and allow soccer players to move to EU countries more freely. Federico Higuain did play in Turkey, a non EU country, in 2007.

A court date isn't set for Higuain or any of the others that have been summoned nor has anyone been charged with criminal counts. With the situation still in the early stages, the Crew and MLS told the Dispatch that they are monitoring the situation and that Higuain's status is unchanged.