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Pregame: Columbus Crew at Toronto FC

The Crew really need to win one of these must win games. They don't lose at BMO. Fortuitous timing?

Field of the Crew's Dreams?
Field of the Crew's Dreams?
Harry How

Another must win for a Crew team that is hoping for the playoffs. They have never lost in Toronto and the home team hasn't won at home for over a year.

The Lineup: There will be changes with Jairo Arrieta and Agustin Viana scheduled to return to the lineup. Konrad Warzycha may be in line for another start, though Larry Johnson made a convincing case that he shouldn't. Likely Warzycha will head to the bench with Viana heading to the midfield. Sanchez remains in limbo after not starting the past couple weeks.

Gruenebaum; Williams, O'Rourke, Marshall, Barson; Viana, Trapp, Anor; Higuain, Oduro, Arrieta

Crew on Offense: Arrieta returns, but it comes down to finishing. This team has always created shots, but is terrible at finishing them. It doesn't matter if the Crew line up in a 4-2-3-1, 4-1-2-1-2, 4-3-3, or 4-6-0. The shots are there, they are just not converted. Terrible finishing is letting this team down.

Crew on Defense: the back line is actually a small bright spot. Danny O'Rourke and Chad Marshall have become an effective pairing. Josh Williams looks at home defensively and Chad Barson has settled into the left back spot

It's individual consistency that has been tripping up the team. Williams was on the wrong side of his mark to let in the first goal and Andy Gruenebaum failed to save a shot he knows he should have. Marshall multiplied the error when he was bringing the ball out of the back and turned it over for an easy transition goal. Toronto will create chances, but it will be up to the individual efforts of the defense to close down Danny Koevermans, Robert Earnshaw, and the other players who can convert chances.

Final Walkthrough: This is the kind of game the Crew doesn't lose. They may struggle at BMO, but they often come through with a result. They do again today, restoring hope with a slim win.

Crew 1 - Toronto FC 0