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Moffat's Goals Damage Crew Playoff Chances

Moffat’s two goals against the New England Revs last night dealt a painful body blow to the Columbus Crew’s chances of making the 2013 MLS Playoffs.

Moffat Reacts after Goal (LWJ)
Moffat Reacts after Goal (LWJ)
David Butler II, USA Today Sports

Only one time in the past couple years has a Major League Soccer playoff team come from out of a playoff spot 50% through the season. It was the Houston Dynamo in 2011 (they were two points out at the time).

With that in mind; Two goals from the Houston Dynamo's Adam Moffat last night (one a ridiculous volley from 25 yards) not only helped to put New England away but also dropped the Crew to 6 points out of the 5th and final playoff spot on even games (19).

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The Columbus Crew are looking down a long row to hoe at the moment. Just to get back into the playoff race, it is critically important that the Crew get all 9 points from the next three games (two of which include two Eastern Conf teams right above them).

If it hadn’t started already, the clock is now officially ticking on this 2013 Crew season.

Points per Game : Club (Games Played)

1.72 : Montreal Impact (18)

1.65 : Sporting KC (20)

1.55 : New York Red Bulls (20)

1.53 : Houston Dynamo (19)

1.50 : Philadelphia Union (20)

1.33 : New England Revolution (18)

1.24 : Chicago Fire (17)

1.21 : Columbus Crew (19)

0.72 : Toronto FC (18)

0.53 : D.C. United (19) :(

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