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Weather Defeats Soccer; Open Cup Matchup Delayed

A torrential downpour forces the rescheduling of the Crew v. Fire Open Cup game.

Weather Defeats Soccer
Weather Defeats Soccer

The rain never let up in Bridgeview and both teams decided to postpone the game until tomorrow. The Crew and the Fire will kick off at 1pm Eastern. The winner of the match will host Orlando City FC on Wednesday, June 26th.

The delay is damaging to the Crew as they have a home game set for Saturday evening against the East leading Montreal Impact. Columbus brought a strong squad with Justin Meram, Glauber, Matias Sanchez, Eric Gehrig, and Federico Higuain confirmed in Chicago.

With little over two days between game days, Columbus will have to shoehorn a travel day into an already tight schedule, further taxing the players. The Impact's last game was two weeks ago. They will be well rested.