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Duncan Oughton Leaves For Toronto FC

True Crew Duncan Oughton is heading to Toronto to join Ryan Nelsen's coaching staff.

Jamie Sabau

There are a short list of Crew legends, players who are synonymous with the badge and look at home in black and gold. Brian McBride, Frankie Hejduk, and Guillermo Barros Schelotto racked up appearances and accolades. Duncan Oughton may not be the player they were, but he's a Crew legend. A legend who is now going to don the red and white of Toronto FC.

Oughton's history with the team extends a dozen years. He was drafted 10th overall in the first round in 2001, he made an immediate impact, playing 20 games, starting 12 his first year and would be a key cog for the team through the 2004 season, but a severe knee injury would keep him out of action the entire 2005 season.

Oughton rehabbed extensively to recover from an injury that was nearly career ending and got back on the field for the 2006 season. He was never the same after the injury, slowly becoming a role player. He would ultimately make career he made 166 appearances in all competitions and added more 25 more for the New Zealand National Team.

After retiring after the 2010 season, Oughton made the move to the front office as the Assistant to the General Manager. Without a set role as he joined the team he became a color analyst and coached. He was omnipresent as a Crew ambassador.

Just listing out his career doesn't do Oughton justice. Few players bridged the gap between fans and the team as well as he did. He became a member of Hudson Street Hooligans and would often head to the old HSH bar to have a drink with supporters. He was a Notebook All-Star for Steve Sirk's musings with his Kiwi wisdom in Central Ohio.

It's hard to imagine Oughton in anything else besides the Crew's black and gold, but it's becoming apparent that he wanted to do more. He was recently a finalist for the Wellington Phoenix job in New Zealand. Now he will join fellow Kiwi Ryan Nelsen in Toronto.

It will be a shock to see him in a TFC track suit the first year or so, but only the best for a Crew legend. Perhaps he'll be part of the first successful playoff team in Toronto FC history. He has the right pedigree.