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The Next Two

The next couple Crew opponents are the Colorado Rapids and Toronto FC. They played each other over the weekend and, well... it was probably one of the worst Major League Soccer games in recent memory. Here are 10 notes from that match.

Colorado wins late over TFC
Colorado wins late over TFC

1. Dillon Powers. 11th pick in the 2013 MLS SUPERDRAFT (Ryan Finley, 9th pick of the Columbus Crew and college teammate), takes all of the Rapids’ free kicks. A little surprised Dillon Powers takes all set piece kicks.

1a. Ever want to see Josh Williams in the midfield? Watch Powers. Though, I think Williams could defend better and find better spots in the attacking half. And be awesome-er. Powers has a good and powerful foot. I’ll give him that. Josh has everything else.

2. Earnshaw with a horrible miss at the 29th minute. By horrible, I mean; disastrous.

3. The argument for promotion and relegation in MLS has been made. It is a 90 minute presentation without comment... It is this game.

4. Half Time. This is awful. "A 45 mins where the most exciting thing was when our warm drink arrived." - Richard Fleming, Rapids play-by-play man.

5. Logan Emory screaming his lungs out in the 58th minute right in front of the mic. Very little contact, trying desperately to get a call in the middle of the field near the sideline... On a Saturday. In early May. In this league. In this fixture.

6. Ok, Rapids’ GK Irwin not bad. Bright spot.

7. My soccer watching constitution will be made of Adamantium after finishing this Colorado Rapids vs. Toronto FC match.

8. After holding Colorado to just a few chances, Matías Laba injures himself and hobbles around (instead of going down, or off) and opened the door for the Edson Buddle goal.

8a. It’s hard to say that this Buddle goal wasn’t a “MLS goal”. It was late in the game that was not worthy of a goal... and Laba is hobbling around, basically forced Toronto to play with 10 men. Colorado got the ball in the box where a TFC defender slipped on a surface both announcers were calling ‘greasy’ all game. Buddle gathered and fired home a loose ball. Game over.

9. After this match I feel like it’s going to take every ounce of that can-do Kiwi attitude for Ryan Nelsen to get thru the season.

10. TFC full of decent players but not cohesive. There is a semi selfish type of play to each of them. Trying to draw fouls. Can't finish. No desire to posses the ball.


The Crew have Colorado in Columbus this weekend in what should absolutely be three points for the home side. On paper, the Rapids have a similar record as the Crew (3 Wins, 3 Draws, 4 Loss) but they do not have the same quality club.

Only two of Colorado’s ten games have seen more than three goals and an excruciatingly six of them have been one goal affairs. This basically means that in a down year, in terms of overall MLS goals, the Rapids are even downer.

The May 4th, 2012 match between the Crew’s next two opponents was a painful watch. Only the most diehard supporter might say different and I respect that, but the fact remains that this is the softer part of the Crew schedule. With Colorado at home this weekend and then away in Toronto, the Crew should be able to grab all six valuable points.


<< Here’s a Brian Mullan NFL style open field tackle >>

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