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Fans Launch Operation June 1 Sellout

Podcast Host Matt Goshert has a crazy idea.

Justin Bell

The last couple Crew home games have been discouraging. Columbus was shut out by both the New York Red Bulls and the Colorado Rapids game. The attendance at the stadium was disappointing with 12,020 showing up to see the Red Bulls and only 11,269 in the building for the Rapids. That combination of disappointment and discouragement drove some supporters to a crazy idea, sell out the stadium for the next league home match, June 1st against Houston.

"Operation June 1 Sellout" was a direct reaction to that feeling of helplessness of watching a listless Crew team post two consecutive shutout losses. Out of the anger of watching 180 minutes of scoreless soccer, Massive Report Podcast host Matt Goshert decided to do something about the situation. He wasn't about to get a contract to improve the team on the field and the team isn't likely to pick up the phone for his ideas on man management or tactics, but he could try and get more people in the seats.

Are they going to sell out the stadium, probably not, but that doesn't mean its not worth trying. Podcast cohost Chris LaMacchia noted a much simpler goal

We want to get a bunch of people and bring them out for either the first time this season or the first time ever. We want to engage the community in a positive way. Whether they are sitting in the Nordecke (Supporters Section) or a family up in the cheap seats everyone who comes out is going to have a great time.

The supporters groups will be working with local businesses and marketing the game in an attempt to get people who may not have been to a game to be there.

If the nice feeling of getting someone hooked on the Crew wasn't enough, we have a nice little prize. You may have heard Matt mention "Operation June 1st Sellout" on the show right after the Crew lost to the Rapids. He's offering a special prize, you can host a segment on the podcast if you can prove you brought the most people to the stadium. You can talk about whatever you would like, the differences in style of English Romantic and Dutch Golden Era portraiture to, the latest research to come from tests at Large Hadron Collider, or the finer points MLS expansion policy. It's nearly all fair game.

It's easy to get involved. More information can be found on the Operation June 1st Sellout blog and tickets are, as always, available from Bring a friend.