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Not a Rivalry or How the Toronto FC Fanbase Learned to Stop Caring and Embrace Cognitive Dissonance

A Massive Report/Two Blocks West match preview of sorts.


There's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying until you run out of cake

Today's match isn't a rivalry.

It's not guys... seriously... just ask Ben Knight and Duane Rollins. They've written countless articles over at Canadian Soccer News explaining exactly why this isn't a rivalry. They're so sure it isn't a rivalry that they have to write something about it not being a rivalry whenever the subject comes up. As a matter of fact they're so sure that it's not a rivalry that they have enough time to jump on a blog and remind folks that it's not a rivalry in the comments section.

Also this, from the Red Patch Boys forum:


Hey guys... I know you're new here, but let me just remind you that "The Trillium Cup" isn't all that we have.

We've got one of these.


And three of these. (Yes, technically it was the same one won 3 times... but you get the idea.)


See... in this close up photo provided to us by LA you can see exactly what I'm talking about.


What was the other thing that we have? Oh yeah... this.


So how exactly is the Trillium Cup all that we have? Sure, it's nice to win the Trillium Cup, but that's really not what we're playing for today. We're playing for 3 points, we're playing for a playoff spot and we're playing to wipe that smug smile off of your face like we do every year.

Here's the thing though. Some of your fans may disagree with you on this one. In Tim Drodge's latest "View From the South Stands" video he states (either on the verge of tears or a severe reaction due to a nut allergy)

Now there's a pivotal home game coming up in ten days against the Columbus Crew. I honestly don't know if I can take another late collapse... I just don't know what to say... I don't know how... emotionally I would react to another late collapse... especially against those pricks.

This is healthy Toronto. Tim is letting his feelings out. (Also, on a related serious note, if Columbus does win today, someone should give Tim a call... just see how he's doing... let him know there are people who care. Maybe pick up a pizza and take it over to his house. Talk about the good times. Talk about the times you beat three other Canadian teams to win some trophy which got you in to CONCACAF and how your fan base considers a trophy won after a four team tournament a "Major Accomplishment". Or just do the pizza thing... everyone likes pizza.)

Toronto, we don't dislike you because of your success (you have none). We don't dislike you because you took Duncan away. (OK, that was pretty annoying.) We don't dislike you because of your attendance. You did exactly what everyone predicted would happen. You got over confident and now your season ticket waiting list has gone from a waiting list to "plenty of good seats still available"


(Screenshot taken at 10:15 this morning)

You guys can't even do the one thing you hung your hat on for years... sell out.

Here's the reason why we don't like you Toronto... and here's the reason we consider this match a rivalry match. Your own fanbase and their cognitive dissonance. You can't seem to wipe that smug sense of entitlement out of your heads for more than 10 seconds and look at the facts. Columbus is better than you. We always have been. We always will be. Yes... you have a large fan base, but that large fan base is shrinking faster than a New Jersey governor after successful lap band surgery. Yes, we're not having a great start to our season, but you're having a worse start. Just like every year. You've had eight head coaches in seven years. Your fans create banners that state that they DESERVE better. Deserve? Kids this is soccer, you deserve what your club works for and I'm not seeing much work north of the border.

So remember Toronto, no matter what your ambition this year or the next... no matter what the final score of this game is... Columbus is better than you. We have been since you joined this league and we will be for years to come. Admit it, embrace it... and let the healing begin.