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Eastern Conference Round 7•UP

Results, news and notables from MLS Round Seven with focus on the Eastern Conference through the kaleidoscope of Crew.



It’s getting a little awkward now, after 6 games. Another week and another Columbus Crew-less Team of the Week Best XI. The only team left without a player to make it on. Crew players aren’t without mention, however. What makes it even more awkward is that Columbus has actually tallied the second most mentions in all the league (13).

Total Mentions : Team : Best XI only

18 : Montreal Impact : 8

13 : Columbus Crew : 0

13 : FC Dallas : 7

11 : Chivas USA : 4

10 : Sporting Kansas City : 5

10 : Vancouver Whitecaps : 2

9 : Colorado Rapids : 4

9 : Portland Timbers : 7

8 : D.C. United : 1

8 : Houston Dynamo : 5

8 : New York Red Bulls : 3

8 : Real Salt Lake : 2

7 : Toronto FC : 6

7 : LA Galaxy : 1

7 : Philadelphia Union : 4

7 : Seattle Sounders : 3

6 : San Jose Earthquakes : 5

6 : New England Revolution : 3

4 : Chicago Fire : 2

As far as individual mentions go it is Patrice Bernier (MTL) who leads the way with 4 total mentions, 3 Best XI’s. After that there are a mess of players with 2 Best IX’s and one “Bench”. That list includes; Jack McInerney (PHI), Matt Hedges (FCD), Clint Irwin (COL), Jackson (FCD) and Darlington Nagbe (PDX).

Some good teams and names here. Week to week it’s tough to pull a whole lot out of this MLS award but valuable information when seen as cumulative, year to date. Cream to the top and all of that.


This happened to be the only game over the weekend that saw any team win by more than one goal. Actually, only two teams out of 18 that saw action got more than one goal in a game. Houston put up two as well, beating Chicago 2:1.

Interesting that it was NY and Houston. Though NY has been inconsistent, this may be the year for both of these clubs to finish near the top of the East. Speaking of which...


Things are shaping up as that all too important 30% of the season complete approaches, which is when most teams have crossed the 10 match threshold. By the 30% point fans will have a pretty good indication of who will be in top half and who sucks.

While the West was still waiting for LA to wreck shop, the East was fairly determined. Here’s how the table looked last year about 30% of the way through the year.

[MLS Combined True Table, 5-18-12]

Because of the early season start MLS should be crossing the 30% mark by the start of next month (--er so).


NBC made major soccer news today by releasing what they plan to do with the Barclays Premier League games starting this August. Here’s the gist of it; All 380 games will be available in one place (or under one umbrella, as it were) to folks here in the States. It’s pretty amazing actually, the steps from just a few years ago to where the sport is now.

What does this mean for Major League Soccer? Excellent question. So good, in fact, it deserves its own post. You’ll have to come to your own conclusions for now. Is it good for MLS? Is it setting the stage for PL expansion to the USA (a la NFL to England)? Also good questions!

United States citizens have been buying up English teams for a while now. Keep that in mind and remember that all this is global business and the US is an absolute untapped goldmine for the sport of soccer.

“The meek shall inherit the Earth, but not its mineral rights.” - J. Paul Getty.


A draw away in Seattle. Zero, Zero. It’s magic what New England is doing. They have one goal in five games yet 5 points from that one goal. It’s amazing. The riddle continues for the third time on this weekly Round Up feature. Never thought NE would go this long but still have couple Tolkien / Hobbit left unused, here goes:

“What has roots as nobody sees,

Is taller than trees,

Up, up it goes,

And yet never grows?”

At some point the Revs have to score goals, or have goals scored against them, right? So weird.

In speaking of New England, I would like to say that my heart, thoughts and prayers are with those in Boston. May their weakness may be banished and their strength recalled; their health restored.


Over at Helltown I work out a player score on a 100 pt scale. Now that we are seven weeks into the year things are starting to shape up. Here’s my top players this year, to date:

F: Claudio Bieler (SKC)

F: Marco Di Vaio (MTL)

MF: Mike Magee (LA)

MF: David Ferreira (FCD)

MF: Jackson (FCD)

MF: Andrew Jacobson (FCD)

D: George John (FCD)

D: Michel (FCD)

D: Hassoun Camara (MTL)

D: Zach Loyd (FCD)

GK: Troy Perkins (MTL)

Well. Didn’t realize there were going to be 6 of the 11 from the FC Dallas team. That said, they are on a roll and maintaining a very consistent lineup week to week. Rewards await.

Here are some of the other players topping my list: Patrice Bernier (MTL), Davy Arnaud (MTL), Ryan Johnson (PDX), Giles Barnes (HOU), Ricardo Clark (HOU), Matt Hedges (FCD) and lastly Will Johnson (PDX).

After being the top 20 or so all year to date, Crew players have dropped off the radar. Dominic Oduro (26th), Josh Williams (28th) and Federico Higuain (34th) are highest up my ratings. This matches up with most other player ratings out there. Notably; The Castol Index which can be found on the site or over at Helltown Beer.


How does most of the world do POWER rankings? Results. Below is a list of the Eastern Conference teams by points earned in last 5 games:

10 : Montreal Impact

9 : Houston Dynamo

8 : Sporting KC, Philadelphia Union

6 : Columbus Crew, Toronto FC

5 : New England Revs

4 : Chicago Fire, DC United

Thanks for reading, have a great rest of the week.


For more on the NBC Sports Barclays Premier League announcement head on over to NBC Sports “Pro Soccer Talk”.