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IT is Finally Upon Us

Sam Fahmi/Massive Report

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IT is finally upon us. IT will occupy most weekends between now and NOVEMBER. IT will causes our spouses and significant others to feel neglected (unless there are into IT). IT will cause many a days of lost voices, hangovers (for many) and overall sourness. IT will bring people together. IT will cause arguments. IT will start twitter wars, trash talk and Facebook trolling. IT will cause weight gain and weight loss. IT will make some weeks go by fast and others VERY SLOW. IT will be analyzed by pros and amateurs, by seasoned veterans and newbies to the game. If your team is good enough to win IT, you may get an occasional mention on your local sports radio station. Heck, you may even make it to the front of the "Sports" page of the local newspaper. Like it or not, IT will increase the levels of ingested alcohol because you will do it when you are happy AND when you are sad. IT will be a source of happiness, sadness, anger, despair, profanities, praise, encouragement and "hey, at least we are not TFC". In 24 hours, IT returns to our lives.

Are you ready? ARE you ready? ARE YOU ready? ARE YOU READYYYYYYYYYYY??????