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The Columbus Massive Report Pizza Challenge

Dominic Oduro loves Papa John's. Will he take the invite to try a taste of Columbus?


The Crew and the tireless Corporate Partnerships team announced two new vendors today at the Crew Stadium concession stands. Papa John's is now the official pizza of the Columbus Crew and White Castle will show up at select concession stands for your Crave needs. Normally this isn't something I would choose to write up and cover. It's pretty thin gruel as a news item goes. Yes, that sad joke was wholly intentional and 30% of the reason I'm writing this. Luckly, Dominic Oduro supplied the other 70% of the reason to write about Papa John's; it's his favorite pizza.

He's wild about the stuff:

I mean really excited:

I'm betting that Dominic can come across one of the dozens of Papa John's in Central Ohio without our help, in case not here is a link to the google search for "Papa John's Columbus". Additionally, this really isn't the really the space to debate the merits of Papa John's.

What this space is for is celebrating the Crew and Columbus. This town may not have a renown pizza history but there plenty of places in town that deserves some recognition. Everyone has their favorites so earlier today I took suggestions on twitter for other pizza places to try. I got plenty of suggestions ranging from newcomers Mikey's Late Night Slice, campus fave Hounddog's, and Columbus stalwarts Adriadico's.

Now why is there a "pizza poll" on a soccer blog for the Crew? Well, the winner of will be the pizza of choice for Massive Report "Pizza Night". We will invite Dominic Oduro to have non Papa John's pizza with the Massive Report team, our treat. He can pick the toppings, the whole thing and try a taste of Columbus.

I've included a poll below of the top five pizza picks in Columbus. To make your vote count even more, Massive Report will donate $1 for each vote cast up to $25 to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. So even if Dominic isn't able to join us, it's still for a fine cause.