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U.S. v Mexico Reportedly at Crew Stadium Again

ESPN Deportes John Sutcliffe and SI's Grant Wahl says US v. Mex is back at Crew Stadium

Jamie Sabau

It's not a surprise, but it's looking more and more that Crew Stadium will host the U.S. v Mexico World Cup Qualifier on September 10th. The well connected John Sutcliff of ESPN Deportes broke the news in a tweet on Saturday.

Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl filled in the rest of the qualifying venues, with Columbus being the centerpiece.

U.S. v Mexico game heading back to Columbus is likely the worst kept secret in U.S. Soccer. The Federation loves the history of Crew Stadium and the venue passed with flying colors last September during the vital Jamaica qualifier. Jurgen Klinsmann was effusive with his praise about the field and the atmosphere.

Excellent new venues like Sporting Kansas City's home park is giving U.S. Soccer options. They've hosted several big games, but U.S. v. Mexico isn't about flash, club seats, or maximizing revenue. It's about three points. The friendly confines of Crew Stadium still gives the Americans the best shot.

The Guerra Fria may be 12 years in the past and it's a whole new Mexican side that isn't tied to all of the baggage of disappointing games of the past, but there isn't another venue in the country that has proven time and again that can bring a truly magical and electric atmosphere. That may not be the case in another dozen years, but it appears for the fourth time, Crew Stadium is host to one of the biggest games in the Hex, U.S. v. Mexico at home with a World Cup spot on the line.