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North Carolina and the Crew to play Kirk Urso Memorial Match

The charity match is scheduled for February 24th in North Carolina.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

The Crew once again found a way to ensure that Kirk Urso's memory lives on. They recently announced that they will be facing off against Urso's alma mater the University of North Carolina in a memorial match next month.

Columbus will play a preseason exhibition against the Tar Heels on February 24th in Browns Summit, N.C, near Greensboro. All of the proceeds from the match, charity auction, and donations will go to the Kirk Urso Memorial Fund.

The Kirk Urso Fund is part of the Crew Soccer Foundation and supports heart research in memory of the UNC and Crew midfielder who passed away last August from a congenital heart defect.

The Crew and the University of North Carolina have both honored their fallen teammate extensively in the past year. Columbus has honored the memory of Urso through the dedication of a memorial to Kirk Urso Heart Award and the charitable fund. UNC dedicated their season to the fallen captain.

It's a testimate to how many lives were touched by Kirk in such a short time. On the field, he was a tenatious competitor. Off the field, man always struck me as a humble and thoughtful. Teammates talk about his generous spirit. I'm always heartened to see the continuing effect that Kirk had on those around him.