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Preseason Camp Opens Without Mirosevic, Duka, and Horton

The Crew made moves on Sunday night, pruning an already thin roster.

Jamie Sabau

Preseason training opened this morning and there are a few more players who won't be there. The Crew announced several moves last night including that Milovan Mirosevic will not return in 2013, Dilly Duka is being held out of training as a trade is imminent, and Aaron Horton is on trial with FK Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A small roster is getting much smaller.

Mirosevic had been rumored to be heading back to Chile for over a month. The rumors picked up after fellow Chilean Sebastian Miranda declared he wasn't re-signing and that Mirosevic wanted to return home too.

Mirosevic cited his family not settling With Universidad Catolica reportedly short on funds to bring in players, but still interested in Milo, the Crew terminated his contract and allowed him to go on a free transfer.

Mirosevic played in 26 games last year, but never was the goal scoring playmaker that the Crew hoped he would become. He made over $200,000 last year and it appeared that the team didn't mind him leaving.

From this angle, it's for the best that Milo heads home. He never fit into the Crew's midfield setup. He was never the playmaker the Crew wanted; he was more of a lethal poacher from the attacking midfield. Stuck in a two way midfield role, Mirosevic never looked comfortable. Mirosevic mentioned the issue several times throughout the year. Both sides will move on to better situations.

The team also said that they are holding out Dilly Duka from practice as they are working several prospective trades for him. The Dispatch's Adam Jardy reported that the Crew were entertaining an offer for Chicago Fire forward Dominic Oduro. Today, Brian Bliss said there are several other teams in the running for Duka.

Duka's time in Columbus has ended much like Freddy Adu's in Philadelphia. There are similarities as both teams have been very up front with trying to move their troubled midfielders. It's clear that the organization wants a clean break from Duka and are actively trying to make it happen.

Aaron Horton is making a more interesting move to Bosnia and Herzegovina's FK Sarajevo. He's trialing in hopes of a loan and more consistent playing time. The coaching staff has been critical of Horton's professionalism and this appears to be Horton's step to fix the situation by proving his value to either the Crew or possible European suitors.

The roster that had been filling up throughout December and January again took a hit. Mirosevic and Duka were contributors in 2012, but won't return. Horton appears to want seek his fortune elsewhere. This leaves the Crew trying to fill up to nine roster slots in six weeks. It's a very compressed schedule; one that may cause problems as the team will have to adjust to an influx of new players once again.