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Announcing "Massive Report Data"

The time has come to introduce the latest addition to Massive Report - a collection of historical information about the team that we are calling "Massive Report Data."

Keeping track of the history and trends around the team has been an interest of mine since the early days, when "all-time" meant "six games". Over the years - as players and coaches have come and gone, the fan base has grown, and the wealth of information spanning the team's existence has inexorably expanded - that interest has at times become an obsession.

As of this writing, as the team enters the closing stretch of its 17th season, the Crew have fielded over 200 players in more than 500 competitive games. Columbus has won every title in domestic soccer - one of only five clubs able to make that claim. The team (and perhaps the league) will shortly welcome its first player born after the league began operations - a mark of longevity that was inconceivable among many observers when the original ten franchises were announced in 1995.

Against this backdrop, then, I believe it is more important than ever to collect the history of the team. Massive Report Data is my attempt to contribute to that goal.

The collection currently includes information about every player to ever appear in a competitive game - including Mike Mucino, whose only appearances came in ill-considered Giants Cup in 2001. A comprehensive game registry is also included, spanning every official competition and many of the higher-profile exhibitions. Along the way I've tried to include ways of visualizing some of the more common patterns - attendances, yearly results, and current standings most visibly.

More additions are planned - starting with the records of all transactions in team history. The goal is to supplement "this day in history" with the ability to look up the team's roster at any point in its history.

Deeper analyses will hopefully follow. If you remember the podcast last season where I talked about goalscoring strategies, or the statistics professor who analyzed the key thresholds for substitution times, you have a sense of what is simmering behind the scenes.

In the meantime, however, I would like to invite everyone to browse through the site and explore the team's history.

The url is