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New York vs. Columbus (Notes & Grades)

Marshall and the Crew had plenty to be upset about.
Marshall and the Crew had plenty to be upset about.

No Federico Higuain, well, problems. The Crew slipped out of playoff position with the loss.

  • Higuain adds so much from that withdrawn role that there is a natural drop off without him. His toe bruise is expected to be healed by Wednesday's game.
  • Considering, Milovan Mirosevic put together another good game. He had the goal and nearly got a brace, but his finishing let him down. He was nearly everywhere in the final third.
  • Dilly Duka shows flashes of his former self as he rounds into game shape. The offense will be much more dangerous if he's fit and sharp.
  • The defense wasn't the shambles a 3-1 score line would indicate, but there are problems. Marshall is looking very vulnerable and Julius James still doesn't look match sharp.
  • One answer would be to bring Josh Williams inside. He's a servicable left back, but much better in the center. That would mean that Vukovic gets playing time. Warzycha doesn't seem to want to do that.

Gruenebaum (6): Did as much as he could to keep NY at bay. His injury apparently looks far worse than it was as he has passed the concussion tests.
Miranda (6): Another quiet and solid performance.
James (5): Doesn't have the same defensive instincts that he did last year. Still getting up to full speed after a long layoff. Solli and LaToux were quiet on the left side.
Marshall (4): Really struggled several times with lofted passes, including on Henry's first goal.
Williams (5): Only caught high a couple of times, but still doesn't look comfortable out wide.
O'Rourke: (7): Impressive work as Dax McCarty wasn't as big of a factor in the NYRB offense as usual. Played steady passes as well.
Tchani (6): Kept his errors to a minimum and usually played smart passes and good touches.
Mirosevic (7): The goal a good effort to be in the right spot at the right time. He showed that repeatedly throughout the evening.
Gaven (6): Played a little bit all over the field and found some space to work with, but wasn't quite the threat he has been lately.
Duka (5): Flashing some of that quality he has, but still inconsistent in his performances. Much better with his passing.
Arrieta (6): Quite a bit of running as always and did well to get the assist into Mirosevic. Only turned in two shots all game.
Meram (4): Appears to be forcing the situation too often. It leads to bad passes or ill-advised dribbles. A little patience might go a long way.
Lampson (5): Faced two shots, one off target and the other was Henry's Olyimpico. Really wasn't anything he could have done about that one.
Higuain (6): Only 10 minutes to work, but he did create a few chances out of nearly nothing.
Coaching (5): Injury forced his hand regarding Higuain, but his insistance to play Williams out wide still is confusing. Gruenebaum's injury forced a later sub for Higuain as he could only go limited minutes.

Note on Grades: I have set 5 as an average performance. The player had both good and bad events on the field. Under 5 is a disappointing performance. Above 5 is a notable performance.