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Nordecke In Solidarity To Honor Urso

Kirk Urso #15
Kirk Urso #15

The Nordecke has unveiled their memorial for Kirk Urso tonight as well. Coldplay's Yellow has always seemed like a perfect fit for a yellow soccer team, now it always will be.

15:00-15:59 - The entire Nordecke will observe a moment of silence in memory of Kirk. There will be Tifo displays during this time, but all chants, songs and drumming will stop for the entire minute.

16:00-16:59 - The entire Nordecke will sing "Yellow" by Coldplay, in memory of Kirk. Lyrics will be distributed prior to the match, but everyone is encouraged to familiarize themselves beforehand.

After "Yellow" the entire Nordecke will chant "Columbus Till I Die" 15 times.

The Nordecke leadership is asking that people in the section wear black to Saturday's match.

To add to the display, the Nordecke is trying to organize a large Tifo. Hudson Street Hooligans are hosting a banner-making event on Friday night in the Ruby Tuesday basement (1978 Summit St.) starting at 7:30. All supplies will be provided, but much help is needed painting and constructing the banners.