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A Brief Remembrance

Kirk Urso (Fahmi/Massive Report)
Kirk Urso (Fahmi/Massive Report)

It isn't supposed to happen. Kirk Urso was a man I may have talked to a dozen times since he joined the Crew in January. He was always easygoing and smart. I would have pegged him to have a very good future no matter what he had done.

He impressed me on the field. He wasn't overwhelmed when he played one of the toughest and mentally challenging positions at defensive midfield as a rookie. He was a guy that was well liked in the locker room. He was surrounded by long time teammates from youth soccer and college.

I had a chance to talk with his family and even struck up a few email conversations. There was so much pride talking about the boy who had grown up to play professional soccer. So many tournaments and club teams; they never stopped rooting for him.

He had only appeared in six games this year, five starts before adductor tendonitis had forced him off the field and under the knife. He hadn't started rehabbing with team the yet, but would still show up in support of his team on game days.


There will be more to say about the young man that had accompished so much in a short time in the coming days.

Kirk Urso was 22. This isn't supposed to happen.