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The Moment

The Moment, it pops back from the back of my mind seemingly at random; just like it did today.

The setting is always the same. A not quite warm November day in Southern California. The bright sunshine right in my eyes. The tension mixed with adrenaline that comes from watching a sporting event. I'm a mere bystander by now in the Nordecke (West), worn down from the early tailgate, voice raw from 80+ minutes of singing, my head is pounding.

Then it's the moment. No replay catches it from the angle I saw it from. Saying I saw it really is a stretch; the ball bouncing around then falling to Guille's foot. His gentle lob to where? Frankie coming from nowhere to head it in. The realization that, yes the 2008 Crew, the league's best team, was actually going to seal the deal. It was a moment gone in a flash.

Nothing else mattered but the moment I realized I had seen something historic:

There has been plenty of memories through 17 years of Crew Soccer, what is your Moment?