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Columbus vs. Vancouver - Notes and Grades

Olman Vargas and the Crew are feeling the pain after the latest loss in the 4 game winless streak. (Fahmi/Massive Report)
Olman Vargas and the Crew are feeling the pain after the latest loss in the 4 game winless streak. (Fahmi/Massive Report)

The best performance by the Crew all year, but no points from this effort. It's a very unfortunant result; the Crew dominated everywhere but the scoreboard.

  • The Crew probably would have had a goal if it weren't for a Jay Demerit slip. He and Marshall were tied up during the corner that Williams vollied for a (called back) goal. Demerit slipped, the ref thought it was a pull, whistle blown. No goal.
  • The Crew has put in two good looking efforts in back to back games. It handily coinsides with Danny O'Rourke's return to the lineup. He's been tremendous in defensive midfield.
  • Nemanja Vukovic has cemented his hold on the left back position. He's calm on the ball and plays solid defense. He's also dangerous on offense.
  • Josh Williams wasn't tested often, but he looked up to the task against the Vancouver attack. He's steadily improved and even showed off some of his attacking flair.
  • Milovan Mirosevic may only have one goal, but with O'Rourke behind him, he now has the freedom to attack.
  • Olman Vargas only had one shot on goal, but put in the work to make the Crew offense go. He often dropped back into midfield or made off the ball moves to get into position to recieve the ball.
  • Aaron Schoenfeld is another working forward. His day was cut short by an achilles injury picked up early in the game that slowly took it's toll.

Gruenebaum (4): Mixed up by the mishit cross/goal and it showed by his reaction. Much better in building from the back.
Miranda (6): Returning to form, solid on defense and starting to make an impact on offense.
Marshall (7): Massive in the air and was a threat on every set piece. Hassli was very quiet; Marshall was the reason.
Williams (7): Robbed of a goal twice, by a weak foul and a crossbar. Played solid defense once again.
Vukovic (7): Very solid defense and a serious threat on offense. His set pieces could improve.
Tchani (5): Tried to do a bit too much at times and needs to be more consistent in posession. Still prone to the stupid foul.
O'Rourke (7): 106 touches and 80% passing. Perfect glue for tying in the defense to the offense.
Mirosevic (6): 133 touches, most of any Crew player, but misfired on his passes (61%). Still looking very comfortable with his new attacking role.
Gaven (5): Quiet game, didn't see much of the ball and didn't make as much of an impact. Still had 4 shots.
Schoenfeld (6): Energetic in running the channels and got into dangerous positions.
Vargas (6): Always moving in support of the offense. Again, very tidy in posession and with his passes. Only one shot.
Finlay (5): Didn't make a large impact at forward. Had a few chances to run at a tired back line, but wasn't able to make too much happen.
Renteria (4): Another quiet game, this time coming off the bench. Touch off once again.
Urso (NR): Brought on as a set piece specialist. Little time to make an impact.
Coaching (6): Warzycha made the moves that seemed to work. Vancouver's defense, especially Joe Cannon, was able to keep the Crew offense at bay.

Note on Grades: I have set 5 as an average performance. The player had both good and bad events on the field. Under 5 is a disappointing performance. Above 5 is a notable performance.