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Heart of the Crew to Return?

Heart and Soul Together Again
Heart and Soul Together Again


That's the heading to of the email sent to the media yesterday. All signs are pointing to the team bringing Frankie Hejduk back to the Crew family. He's an icon to Crew fans, no player was a more visible face to the team during his 8 year tenure with the team. He was a vocal and energetic member of Crew teams, both good and bad. He wore the captain's armband and lead with a competitive edge that was hard to match.

He was a tenacious defender whose signature move was a two footed tackle. There are plenty of "Frankie" moments during his career, both great and infamous. I can recall his Open Cup game in August of 2005 where he earned a red card in extra time after a mountain of questionable calls when against the Crew. His performance against Kansas City on April, 29th 2006 was magnificent; it solidified his spot on the U.S. roster for the World Cup. He learned two days later that he played 60 minutes during that game with a torn ACL, ruining his Cup dreams. The image of his crowning achievement, a goal in the MLS Cup, is replayed in the minds of Crew fans over and over. He has meant a lot to Crew faithful

Hejduk and his family lives in town and he's made Columbus his home. He's been around Crew Stadium recently and it's as if he never left. He was walking down the concourse when he was spotted by the west side tent. He waved to several fans, but was soon mobbed. He stood there signing autographs for everyone who came up. The same smile never leaving his face.