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Columbus vs. New York (Notes & Grades)

The team looked better once Duka took the field (Sam Fahmi/Massive Report)
The team looked better once Duka took the field (Sam Fahmi/Massive Report)

It was a team effort on defense against New York; it was a complete and utter debacle. No one person along the back line had a remotely good game.

  • Eric Gehrig was muscled off the ball way too easily by Kenny Cooper. A long ball into the box shouldn't set up a nearly free look at goal.
  • Gehrig did get onto the shot that was deflected up, but Cooper was the only one to track the ball. Sebastian Miranda, Chad Marshall, and Andy Gruenebaum all froze and Cooper had a free header. It was abismal defending.
  • The third goal was another situation where several players were caught out of position. Miranda stepped up late onto Miller, but that left Henry open. Marshall didn't rotate quickly enough and it was an easy goal.
  • The fourth could be attributed to a team that had shut off late in a blowout.
  • The Crew defense responded poorly to the Red Bulls pressure, launching the ball forward early and often. There was no hope of the Crew keeping possession. New York was gifted plenty of time on the ball.
  • The Crew looked much improved in the 2nd half with the addition of Ethan Finlay and Dilly Duka just after halftime. However, this was also when the Red Bulls were up 3-0 and had switched to a lower gear.
  • There wasn't much until later in the half for the forwards to do. Renteria and Vargas weren't factors until the game was out of hand.

Gruenebaum (4): Poor on the 2nd goal. Held up to NY barrage as good as he could.
Miranda (3): Failed repeatedly to mark and track down Cooper and the rest of the left side of the Red Bull offense.
Marshall (4): Shockingly poor game as he consistently appeared to lose focus and his marker. He improved when he matched up with Cooper.
Gehrig (3): Cooper abused him much of the game until Marshall switched off with him.
Francis (3): Richards consistently found space and time against his fellow Jamaican.
Gaven (3): Invisible on offense and uncharacteristically poor on defense.
Mirosevic (5): Quiet but solid effort to keep the Crew in the game. Usual tidy self on the ball. He was trying to find the game on offense, but wasn't able to create much.
Urso (4): Did garner an assist on the corner into Marshall, but was often lost on defense.
Anor (3): Didn't contribute much either way.
Renteria (4): Wasteful in front of goal. Should have gotten one goal from his three good shots.
Vargas (4): Wasn't influential as he starved for service.
Finlay (6): Played with confidence, even if it was against a Red Bull team on cruise control.
Duka (6): Showed flashes of brilliance as he returns from injury. The Crew will be a different team with him on the field.
Schoenfeld (5): Didn't have much to show for his 15 minutes on the field, getting only 3 touches.
Warzycha (4): Very slow to change up the team as it was clear that they were flat, but did change out both wingers in the 2nd half to create some chances.