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Crew v. Montreal - Notes and Grades

This edition a little late due to illness, so we will get right to it. The Crew gained confidence and dispatched an expansion team playing only their third game. The 19th minute red card certainly changed things but there were plenty of positives to build on.

  • Both controversial decisions were probably right. Jeb Brovsky brought his arm high into his collision with Mirosevic. Geiger was protecting the player. Yes, Felipe Martins got the ball, but he also then clipped the man. The tackle wasn't clean.
  • Andy Gruenebaum certainly is staking a claim to the top spot. He put in another tremendous shot stopping performance.
  • The duo of Kirk Urso and Milovan Mirosevic put together a very good game. They combined for 220 touches and 121 successful passes out of 139 attempts for an 87% completion rating.
  • Shaun Francis struggled mightily against Sanna Nyassi until Montreal had to reconfigure after the red card. He looked more at ease without having to mark the speedy Nyassi. His crosses improved throughout the game. His assist was perfect.
  • Justin Mapp also found plenty of space between Eddie Gaven and Sebastian Miranda. He found the seems and created plenty of chances.
  • Vargas is the target forward this team has missed. He's dangerous in the air and can place his headed shots with power. With consistent service, he can lead the team in goals.
  • Anor got better as the game went on. He needs to consistently attack his man one on one to make more of an impact.

The Grades:

Gruenebaum (7): 6 saves, 78% pass completion
Miranda (5): 86% pass completion, 1 successful cross, 1 key pass
Marshall (6): 1 block, 1 clearance, 3 recoveries
O'Rourke (6): 1 block, 2 interceptions, 2 clearances, 5 recoveries
Francis (5): 111 touches, 8 crosses, 4 successful, 1 assist
Gaven (6): 6 crosses, 3 successful, 2 key passes, 4 interceptions
Urso (6): 55/66 passing (83%), 1 block, 3 interceptions, 3 recoveries
Mirosevic (7): 1 goal, 66 complete passes, 90% pass completion, 3 interceptions, 8 recoveries
Anor (5): 27/30 passing, 1/3 crossing, 0 shots
Vargas (7): 23/24 passing, 5 headers: 2/3 passes, 2 shots on goal, 1 goal. 3 shots total (all on goal)
Renteria (6): 5 shots, 1 on goal, 3 fouls suffered, drew penalty
Schoenfeld (5): 9/13 passing, 28 touches, 0 shots
Josh Williams (): 8/9 passing, 1 blocked cross
Finlay (NR): 1 minute played
Warzycha (6): He got the big decision right, going to the 4-4-2 now that Vargas is fit. His handling of Francis will be interesting as the Jamaican certainly had an inconsistent game.

Crew Man of the Match: Mirosevic had an understated game aside from the PK goal, but was a very influential player. He had the most touches on the team and kept the ball moving.