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The Crew and Flogging Molly Want To Put Out the Fire

Flogging Molly want to put out the Fire. (
Flogging Molly want to put out the Fire. (

Don Garber remarked that the league is big enough that it doesn't have to have doubleheaders with other soccer games or events to boost attendance, but he probably wasn't talking about a double bill with a band that has local roots with a drummer and manager who are Crew season ticket holders.

With that natural tie-in, the Crew brought in Irish punk rockers Flogging Molly to play a postgame concert after the May 26th Chicago Fire game. The event is also sponsored by local Alternative station CD101 (125.5). Put Out the Fire with Flogging Molly presented by CD101

Drummer George Schwindt is certainly excited to be coming back home. Schwindt is a Columbus native and an Ohio State graduate. He's had season tickets for five years. He summed up the mood in a statement on website, "I've been a season ticket holder since moving back to Columbus and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to perform for Crew fans and Flogging Molly fans alike,"

The game was already going to be an exciting affair with strong away support. The Fire front office again subsidized the trip so there will be a large contingent of supporters from Section 8 at the game. Crew fans don't need any extra push to get ready for a rivalry game

Many Crew fans love the hard driving Irish sound of Flogging Molly, I've often heard it played in several supporters bars and the response on twitter was one of overwhelming excitement. This isn't a gimmick, but an excellent fit between a team, it's fans, and a band with strong ties to the city and team.