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Mirosevic Reportedly in Contract Talks With Catolica

Milovan Mirosevic is reportedly close to returning to Chile.

Jonathan Ferrey

Several reports out of Chile have Milovan Mirosevic agreeing to contract terms with Universidad Catolica in a return to his hometown club. The key sticking point is arranging the transfer from the Crew. That's a pretty big sticking point. Any transfer would have to be negotiated between the Crew, Catolica, Mirosevic, and the league. That's a complicated deal to arrange.

The Crew might be amenable to allowing Mirosevic to leave on a free transfer if they feel that his salary could better be used elsewhere. The league on the other hand may not see the situation the same way and look to get a fee from the transfer.

Mirosevic spoke to Koty Sandoval of Radio Chile and denied reports that any deals have been reached, but he did indicate he is eager to return to Catolica. He's always talked about his American adventure as a temporary move. It just appears he would like to move up the timetable. It will either happen this offseason or after next, when his contract expires.