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Trapp Leaving Akron; Weighing Home Grown Deal From Crew

The highly rated midfielder looking at all options as he signs with an agent.

Speas made his mark in 2012. Crew hoping Trapp can do the same in 2013.
Speas made his mark in 2012. Crew hoping Trapp can do the same in 2013.
Jamie Sabau

Adam Jardy broke the news today that Wil Trapp has signed with an agent and will be leaving Akron after his sophomore season. Trapp, 19, currently has a senior team offer from the Crew after playing with the Crew Soccer Academy. He is also looking at options in Europe according to his mother.

Trapp just finished an excellent year for the Zips. He was named to the second team All American for Top Drawer Soccer and to the third team of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America.

After coming in as a highly rated freshman, Trapp has played as the holding/defensive midfielder for Caleb Porter's 4-3-3 in Akron. He's a technical player who is comfortable with the ball at his feet.

Trapp hasn't fully developed and is on the smaller side for a holding midfielder. While that's not as big of a drawback in the college game, it will take some time to adapt to the physicality and pace of MLS. It's probably a bit of a stretch to see him starting in 2013.

Trapp would still be an excellent pickup for a Crew team looking to add depth. He wouldn't be an impact player, but he's certainly a player for the future. Much like Ben Speas, he'd be a player the Crew look to build around.