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Bliss Talks Offseason, Questions Where's the Beef

Sam Fahmi/Massive Report

Earlier this week, The Dispatch's Adam Jardy posted extra tidbits from Crew Technical Director Brian Bliss and Head Coach Robert Warzycha that didn't make it into his story on Sunday. Warzycha's comments were the usual close to the vest comments. Bliss, however, is more prone to say what's exactly on his mind.

Bliss, when questioned about Warzycha's performance, spoke in his usual direct style:

He's done a good job here. Look at our overall record in his time here. He's got a top-four in win percentage over the last four years. He's got the best home record of any team in the last four years. We've won the reserve league both years with some younger guys. I don't know what the beef is with the fans.

That last part is certainly attracting attention. There is growing discontent among staunch Crew supporters regarding Warzycha's job performance. Missing the playoffs this year has only added fuel to that fire. Hunt Sports Group may not be ready to dismiss the coach, but many of the fans in the Nordecke wouldn't mind seeing the last of Warzycha pacing the sidelines.

Here is the problem; the Nordecke can either tune out or turn up the heat. An adversarial relationship between supporters and the team can get ugly quickly. There is nothing like a dozen banners and organized chants against the coach for things to get uncomfortable. There were only sporadic chants during the latter half of the season, but 2013 may be a different story. A slow start and the fans could turn. It didn't end well the last time that happened.