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Bernardo Anor: A Year of Transitions

Anor scored the game winning goal as a winger in March to playing left back in July.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Bernardo Anor showed promise in 13 games during the 2011 season, but 2012 was a year of transition.

Anor made three early season starts and got a game winning goal against Toronto. After a subpar performance against New York, he was relegated to the bench. He saw spot duty as a substitute, getting a single start during the Crew's packed May schedule.

The big change would come in July as Head Coach Robert Warzycha started slotting him into the back line during training. He made his first appearance as a defender against Montreal as a sub on July 8th and started opposite Kai Kamara and Sporting Kansas City on the 14th. Anor put in a solid appearance after training for a few weeks on defense, but he would tear his ACL during the game, ending his season.

Anor was inconsistent as a winger. He showed flashes of brilliance, using his speed and technical ability to break past defenders. The best example is his break against Toronto, but he couldn't do that regularly. His crosses were often lacking too.

Looking for better options, Warzycha stuck him at left back in practice and in the lineup a couple weeks later. He only got 100 minutes to show what he could do before his unfortunate ACL tear. His future hinges how well he can adapt as an attacking fullback. His speed will cover for a lot of defensive deficiencies, but his ability to add to the attack will be something that Warzycha loves.

Final Grade: 5 - Inconsistency plagued him before his season was cut short. His move to left back gives the team more options in 2013.